Health Solutions

Welcome to Health Solutions

Health Solutions is a premier family health center that focuses on the integration of nutrition, lifestyle coaching, chiropractic and rehabilitation.

Our office was opened in 2001 and has provided natural health care services for the entire family since its inception. Our team is trained to work on family members from the new born to the elderly.

Our mission is to educate the community to live a healthy life without having to rely on drugs or surgery. We are not against medicine, we are against the overuse and abuse of it.

Since our office is locally owned and operated, we have built strong working relationships for our patients with medical physicians and physical therapy groups in the area. These groups that we work intimately with have the same patient driven mission as we have. Therefore, we are fully confident that whether you are in our office or with one of our affiliates, you are receiving optimal care.

We look forward to serving you and warmly invite you to join our Health Solutions family.

“During the course of my therapy, I noticed I felt more aligned and I stopped encountering minor aches & pains, abnormally. I had been sick three times during the previous winter, but have not been sick sense I began treatment at Health Solutions...”

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